Sunday, March 11, 2012

Outside...all day!

Today was the nicest day we've seen this year - and we celebrated by being outside ALL DAY! Except of course for nap time. We started the day out going to the park in the morning, Grant & Cash played at the park while I went for a run. By the time Cash got up from his nap, it was still beautiful out, so we went back outside to play with his 'cars'. This refers to a few ride on toys and his bike. He's really really really into Disney Cars right now (I can't tell you how many times I've watched this movie - I could probably recite the entire thing) anyway he constantly repeats the words of Lightening McQueen "I. am. speed." and nothing is fast enough.  So he decided to 'work' on them and make them faster, all the while chanting 'I. am. speed.' It was a site to see.
Working on his car.

Pushing it up on the grass to get a better look.

Maybe the bike will be faster.

or not - better work on that too.

Finally some speed, almost fell off!

How did you spend this beautiful day? 

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